[Owner] DeezSelfiezSD a posted Jun 27, 16

Hello NutzPvp Community!!, it has come to our attention that some of the players are

getting tired of seeing the same stuff. So we are leaving it up, the members of NutzPvp, to

think of some ideas that you would like to see us, the staff members, to add to the server

to make it more enjoyable for you!!

Post your Suggestions in the comments section below!

For some people, this may be a bad thing and for others it will open oppertunities.

So whens this reset? The reset will Happen on May 6th:

What will Reset? Everything will reset including (money, pv's, world. warps, inventory, Etc.)

Will it only be a reset? No of course not, we will also be updating the server with new things that we hope will make the server more fun for everyone, but were not done there we will also be having a 60% "Reset "Sale on everything on the shop (use Promotion Code "reset" starting on May 6th!)

We will also be starting a monthly Staff meeting, so hopefully in all these meetings we can go over apps that come in, SO GET applying! We are currently hiring two trainee positions! We hope to get these people hired before May 21st 

More Details to follow!