Dear Players of the NutzMc Community,

As many of you have noticed our community has practically faded away..... However, I did not see this as a negative entirely. I chose to use this downfall to recreate Nutz and reshape it. I began to create a new Nutz! NutzMc will now be a SoupPvP server!!! 

Yes, Yes, I know, I know, we have always been primarily an OP Factions server but things change and our days as an OP Factions server has ended. :( I spent the past month recreating Nutz into a soup PVP server given the limited amount of free time and help I had I did my best. The Server is currently in a working Alpha state(waiting for DNS records to update). If I am able to receive statistics and data of online players I will be able to push a beta release of the soup PVP server much more quickly than the rate it is at currently.

The Server Features:

- Kits with abilities

- Kits can be purchased with in-game money!

- Dueling

- Craftable Kits to use in the FFA arena

- Custom Map

- A Sh*t Ton of kits (9 available for the alpha release)

To Be Added:

- Ranking

- Automated Events


- Teaming

- Ranked Duels with different settings

- Other Server Game Modes ;)

Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you all soon!